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You've back-tested the picks and witnessed the transparency. Now it's YOUR turn to become part of MT Nation!

Muscle Trading brings you actionable stock picks that you can count on! You get the BEST daily picks and alerts. NO PUMPS or CHASING dangerous price-action – just the best overnight set-ups, day-trade ideas, and dialogue delivered by DESKTOP, MOBILE APP, and SMS

Custom Built Members Portal Specifically Designed for Traders
Turn “Reply” Alerts ON/OFF to your Favorite Discussion Posts
Private MT Alerts Portal For Day Trade Notifications
Independent Swing Picks Dashboard 
Set Audible & Visual Alerts for Specific Notifications (Mobile & Desktop)
Desktop & Mobile App Synchronized

The Performance is in Black & White

Our performance proves just how consistent and non-volatile our record is, and why Muscle Trading continues to turn out the best picks and most educated traders from around the world.

Just listen to what some of our students have to say! Everyday we scan the market for the best penny stocks and large-caps. Our watchlists and trade-plans will provide you with the guidance necessary to enter the market confidently. You will always find something to fulfill your needs in our lively community.

Stock Alerts & Members Portal Access

Join Muscle Trading and Become Part of an Elite Community

Daily Swing Picks delivered via TEXT &/EMAIL/5-15min before market close
Day Trade Alerts Posted in “MT Notification” Center Via MOBILE APP & DESKTOP
1-2 Daily Small-Cap Stock Picks Under $20 (90% under $10)
1-2 Daily Large-Cap Stock Picks $20-$100+ (for those with larger accounts)
Daily Watchlists Sent an Hour Before Market Close/Detailed Descriptions
Full Members Discussion Forum Access
Trade Plans Provided (Stop-loss, Resistance, Current Price, Target, (Pertinent Info)
Rich and Lively Community of Traders

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