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This is an exclusive option that caters to the discerning individual who desires personal attention and direct coaching

Clients will be taught:

Proven stock trading techniques and risk-management principles in an online classroom utilizing the best training software available

1 on 1 Elite Mentoring

The KNOWLEDGE you need to successfully trade the markets

Direct 1 on 1 Mentoring

6 Month Access to the PRO Training Course

2 Month Access to Stock Alerts and Members Forum

Special Focus to Specific Areas of Interest

Equities, Commodities, Crypto-Currencies, Penny Stocks, Large Caps

4-6 Sessions (approx.2 hours each)

Best Online Training Software Available

Arrange Around Your Schedule

VIP Priority Email Correspondence During Training

FREE Post-training Session (1 Hour)

$1999.99 – Full Training

(5% discount with cryptocurrency payment)

Please contact me to arrange a consultation so we can see if this option is right for you. info@muscletrading.com

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