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Your monthly Muscle Trading membership includes access to our members portal on the website along with our custom app available for iOS and Android dwonload. Within these features members will receive day trade notifications, swing picks, intra-day watchlists, and access to our customizable members discussion forum.

Immediately after you sign up you will want to download the Muscle Trading app. Sign into the MT members portal through the app and/or desktop version. The desktop “Member Login” link can be found in the top right corner of our website. Once logged in you will have access to the MT Notification center, Discussion Forum, and Swig Picks Dashboard and begin to receive alerts, trade ideas, picks, and news as they are sent out. New alerts are notified while you are logged in. Overnight swing picks are also delivered via text and email in addition to the members desktop portal and mobile app.

Yes Muscle Trading offers a various comprehensive video training series. Our Starter Series is perfect for beginners, and for those who are ready to become self sufficient traders the Pro Series will enable you to do so. 1 on 1 mentoring is also available for those looking for more individualized guidance. Please see the respective pages for more information.

This will be highly individualized depending on how much money is invested, how often you trade, and your experience as a trader. That being said, even members starting out with very small accounts have the ability to build them and create a respectable income. Muscle Trading shows a complete picture of our swing picks performance. Each month can be tracked all the way back to 2016. All winners and losers can be found with the original date stamped texts and screenshots from inside our members area, in addition to the original trade plans. All of this offers insight into potential gains.

This will be individualized depending on personal risk tolerance. Overnight swings are generally meant to be sold the next day unless otherwise notified. Day trade ideas are generally a shorter hold, ranging from minutes to hours within the same day as long as the trailing stop (maximum recommended risk is not breached). Yes a suggested stop loss will be provided and members are also encouraged to run a trailing stop as a stock’s price climbs.

We primarily deal with stocks listed on the NASDAQ, AMEX and New York Stock Exchange. They are small and mid cap stocks with varying price levels, and occasionally we alert of higher priced large-cap stocks priced over $20. We do send out penny stocks as these do have the potential for the most upside. Stocks generally have a good float size in order minimize the potential for volatility, however we do also send out low-float stocks as these can sometimes present the most potential for  24hr gains.

This depends on your current lifestyle and future goals. There are members who have full time jobs and trade in their spare time or only an hour or so day. Your time commitment is up to you and Muscle Trading offers a variety of trades throughout the day. A trade can be placed in a matter of minutes or even seconds, and can be done on a smart phone. This is another reason Muscle Trading developed our app, in order to help those who wish to trade outside of a traditional setting.

Yes we can recommend a couple without any reservations. The two we recommend are SureTrader and Robinhood. They are compatible for all types of trading with low fees. Of course members are able to chose alternative brokers, but we feel confident in endorsing these two.

Muscle trading has a proven track record. Prospective members can view all our past performance. Each month our picks have been in the positive even after accounting for loses. These gains can range from 60-400%. At Muscle Trading we try to be as transparent as possible. We offer new traders the ability to learn effective, easy to follow strategies that they can use to become successful traders.

Our courses are fully comprehensive, with hundreds of satisfied customers. Our 1 on 1 mentoring is second to none. Our website and user interface was designed for speed and efficacy, and to be as user friendly as possible. It is completely customizable and allows members to filter the alerts they wish to receive to specific discussions. We also offer a highly advanced app that is synced in real-time with or desktop portal.

Unfortunately due to the volatile nature of stock trading and the amount of individual responsibility we do not make grantees. However we always wish to help resolve issues or complaints. Please contact info@muscletrading with any queries

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