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May 2018 Swing Trade Recap

See every date and time-stamped overnight swing-pick below and how it performed by scrolling through the images taken from inside our members area. Times posted are EST

May was an amazing month with our biggest overnight gainer being BOXL - alerted for a beautiful +61% profits from the $6.68 alert on the 11th and hit a high of $10.75 on the day with minimal volatility on the gap-up at open quickly hitting $8.98.

Total Picks = 42
Maximum Gains = +306.5%
Total Loss Percentage (based on suggested stops) = -32% (9 losing picks total)
Max Profit Potential = +274.5%

Alerted BOXL with 5 min left before market close May 11th at $6.68 and sold it 32min after market open the next market day at $8.70 for an easy profit of $5,725. The high of the day was $10.75 for +61% profit potential. See the buy and sell orders below from my Twitter page:

May saw only 9 losing picks and +274.5% maximum profit potential after stop-outs assuming every daily pick was bought and traded according to plan. While BOXL was our biggest overnight gainer at +61%, we also saw a big runner with UAVS 42% from the 18th. Other big calls included LEDS 10.5% from the 1st, XXII from the 4th (10.5%) , CRK and EYEG from the 10th (16% and 10%), CRON 10% from the 11th, HTBX 22% and 18.5% from the 14th and 22nd, and CHEK, APRN, DARE (11%, 10.5%, 10%) from the 16th. All trades are updated to our members dashboard daily in addition to being sent directly through email and text.

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