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May 2019 Swing Trade Recap

See every date and time-stamped overnight swing-pick below and how it performed by scrolling through the images taken from text and inside our members area. Times posted are EST. * Day Trade gains are not included in the Swing Trade recaps.

May was a fantastic month for Muscle Trading and back to business as usual. We were able to amass 164.5% in profit potential after stop-outs. Our biggest overnight gainer was NBY - alerted for +23% max profits from the $0.30 alert on the 28th and hit a high of $0.37 the next day.

Total Picks =41 (23 winners)
Maximum Gains = +206.75%
Total Loss Percentage (based on suggested stops) = -33.75% (15 losers/3 flat)
Max Profit Potential = +164.5%

Alerted NBY with 4 minutes left before market close May 28th at $0.30 and a maximum risk of $0.288 and it hit $0.37 the next morning with minimal volatility.

May saw only 15 losing picks in addition to 3 flat and a +164.5% maximum profit potential after stop-outs (-42.25%). While NBY was our biggest overnight gainer at +23%, we also saw big runners with YRIV from the 2nd – 13%, AVGR from the 3rd (14%), BPMX from the 6th (9.5%), CANF from the 9h (10.5%), DF from the 10th (14%),  CPRX from the 15th (10.5%), FCEL from the 20th (20%), FTEK from the 23rd (13.5%), AVGR from on the 30th (13%), and OCUL from the 31st (11.5%). All trades are updated to our members dashboard daily in addition to being sent directly through email, text, and app.

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