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Ultimate Training Series PRO

This is the BIG one! The Muscle Trading PRO Series will teach you how to make a CAREER trading stocks

Whether you have $2000 or $200,000, this course will provide the SKILLS and STRATEGIES that will help you manage and grow your own money successfully!

It doesn't matter if it's a $100 stock or a $1 stock, the PRO series will take your trading to the NEXT level!

You will learn:

Everything you need to become a SUCCESSFUL trader! The strategies are EASY to execute and PROFITABLE. They have helped hundreds of other traders and will do the same for you!

No over-complicated systems or teachings. MT give's you EASY to execute low-risk strategies that will help you succeed

 The confusion and fear ends HERE. No overwhelming  information, high-risk trading, or chasing pump & dumps. FORGET what you’ve been told or taught in the past!



Mandatory Methods & Concepts

Important Terms & Indicators You Need to Know

Brokerage Accounts: The Necessities to Profit Big

Most Profitable Ways to Place Orders

My Risk-Management Principles

Account Size & How Many Stocks You Should Buy

In-Depth Stop-Loss Fundamentals

Most Effective Candlesticks & Set-Ups

My Support and Resistance Trading Methods

How to Make the Most of a Small Account

My Preferred Position Sizing Techniques

The Biggest Mistakes to Avoid While Trading



Ultimate Swing Trade Mastery

How to Find The Most Profitable Swing Set-Ups

Understanding Share Float For Maximizing Profits

Trading Industries and How I Capitalize on Big Moves

Momentum Trading: Following  the Trend For Huge Gains

The Art of The Stop-Loss: My Personal Swing Strategies

My Bollinger Band Strategies to Predict the “Top”

How I Buy Low (Off the Bottom) and Sell High

My Moving Average Strategies For Even More Profit

Maximizing Gains Using the MACD: My Personal Strategy

My Low-Volatility Swing Trade Strategy For Larger Accounts

Receive ALL Charting & Stock Screening Software Along With My Top Scanner Settings



Ultimate Day Trade Mastery

Your Day Trading Criteria and How to Search for Stocks

Most Profitable Trading Strategies For Day-Trading

The Methods I use to Find and Profit From Volatile Gainers

The Most Optimal Entry and Exit Points and  Time-Frames

My Must-Know VWAP Trading Strategies For HUGE Profits

Identifying the “Reversal” & Profiting Big With a Perfect Entry

My Perfected “Dip-Buy” Techniques

How to Identify a Consolidation Primed for Maximum Upside

How to Use Yesterday’s Price Action to Profit Big Today

Best Charting Time-Frames to Use and WHEN to Use Them

Bringing it All Together in Real Time for Quick Identification of Multiple Bullish Signals

Nothing Else Comes Close

Learn how to effectively trade EQUITIES, PENNY STOCKS, SMALL CAPS, MID CAPS and LARGE CAPS. You get the KNOWLEDGE you need to start making money in the markets!

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