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The Muscle Trading Starter Series is the Foundation You Need as a New Trader!

It’s okay if you don’t know what a brokerage account is or have never placed a trade. The ULTIMATE STARTER SERIES is specifically designed to be the PERFECT starting point for new traders. This course is JAM PACKED with pertinent information and will undoubtedly save you time and money while setting you up for success.

Do NOT feel intimidated. Trading stocks is NOT DIFFICULT!

What is difficult is finding the RIGHT EDUCATION! You don’t need 100’s of hours of teachings. There is no money to be made in OVER-COMPLICATION except for the people selling it to you!

The FULL TRANSPARENCY of our performance speaks for itself!

This is your chance to BYPASS the struggles and hurdles that the majority of new traders must learn the HARD WAY. This education course introduces you to the most integral concepts and principles you need to begin your trading career. You will EASILY be able to understand a chart, breakdown trends, and identify an entry opportunity.

You DON'T NEED multiple monitors, expensive equipment, or more than an hour a day in the market

Muscle Trading simplifies it for you without the confusion. We build your CONFIDENCE and show you how EASY it actually is to manage your own money and profit from trading stocks.



Fundamental Principles

My 3 Key Elements to Consider Before Entering the Market

How to Avoid Wasting Your Energy and Your Money

My Top 10 Stock Trading Myths & Misconceptions

My 3 Most Effective Ways to Learn Stock Trading

Funding your Account Without Sacrificing Your Lifestyle

My Top Money-Saving Tips to Help Fund Your Account

The 4 Most Important Elements of the Stock Market

The 5 Key Factors of Stock Exchanges

Stock Trading Using Technical Analysis



Integral Concepts

Stock Trading Using Fundamental Analysis

4 Must-Know Factors That Change the Price of a Stock

The 4 Factors That Influence Price Change

How to Properly Understand a Stock Chart

An Introduction to Trading Methods & Mandatory Indicators

How to Identify Trends

Bull Markets VS Bear Markets

Common Lingo & Phrases You Need to Know

Important Factors With Regards to Brokerage Accounts



Important Factors & Considerations

6 Things You Must Know When it Comes to Transaction Costs

3 Different Trading Methods That Can Make You Money

My 4 Most Important Factors of Day Trading

My 6 Most Important Factors of Swing Trading

5 Considerations When it Comes to Investing

My 4 Methods to Managing Risk

Price Volatility and How to Make it Work For You

Introduction to the “Stop-Loss” & Preventing Large Losses

My Stock Trading Discipline Techniques

Bonus #1

 My Preferred Charting Software With FREE Access and In-Depth Tutorial on Set-Up and Functionality. Now You’ll Be Able to Practice Following Trends and Identify Price-Action Using 1 VERY Important Indicator

Bonus #2

1 Very POWERFUL and EASY to Use Trading Strategy. This Strategy Will be an EXCELLENT Place For You to Start!

Bonus #3

My Preferred Stock Sreener With FREE Access and 1 POWERFUL Scanning Method. This Method Will be a GREAT Way For You to Find BREAKOUT Stocks on Your Own and For the Strategy in Bonus #2

This Course is Included in the Ultimate PRO Course

If you decide to graduate to the PRO Course you will receive a 10% discount off the PRO Series price

 Offer valid for 90 days from original purchase date

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